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Some testimonials from parents, co-workers, and children I've worked with through the years...

I also have excellent personal and professional references available upon request.

"There aren't enough words to express my gratitude that you are in my girls' lives. You are like a mother to them. Your kindness and selflessness are amazing. Your love for children and the work you do is so precious. Thank you."
.: Parent of preschoolers :.


“Thank you for providing _____ a loving environment to learn and develop into a strong, compassionate, generous person. She experiences things that are unique to your program. We have seen improvement in her manners, her compassion, social skills, language, fine motor skills, self care skills, and more. Thank you for being you!”
.: Parents of preschooler :.

“Thank you so much for working with us this past year as we have gone through so many changes. I'm not sure what we would have done without your support. Not many people would work through those changes with us the way you did. We are so happy that we were able to keep ___ and ___ in your care for as long as we could. They absolutely love and adore you. We wish we could keep them with you longer. We will always remember your kindness and I'm sure the kids will talk about their time with you fondly and miss you terribly. Thanks for all your support.”
.: Parents of preschooler and kindergartener :.

“We are honestly so blessed to have found you and so thankful you have accepted us into your home. We feel like you and yours have become a part of our family and we a part of yours. You have taught ____ so much and she loves you so much. We have always felt so comfortable in the knowledge that ____ was right where she should be with you and we are sad to be leaving. Continue to be as awesome as you are. :) ”
.: Parents of preschooler :.

“I have known Hollee Saville for approximately five years. I first met her at a day care center where my children attended.  She was involved in the care of them in both the preschool and the infant/toddler rooms.  Hollee always showed affection and a lot of positive energy when dealing the children.  Hollee eventually opened a day care of her own and we decided to have her care for our children again in her beautiful home setting.  Even though our kids are of school age now and no longer attend Hollee’s center, my kids love to go back and visit Hollee and her family.   Hollee has always had a loving relationship with my kids.  She has a passion for children and their education.”
.: Parent of preschoolers :.

Thanks for being an AMAZING care provider!! You have enriched our lives and treated us like family. We truly appreciate you caring for ____ the way you have! We will miss you!!
.: Parents of preschooler :. 

“Thank you for taking such wonderful and loving care of ____ & ____. I can see growth in both girls and they loved all of their adventures. We really appreciate the small group attention, the healthy meals, and Backpack Buddies.. We will miss seeing your smiling face.”
.: Parent of preschoolers :.

“Thanks to both of you for all of the love, care, and concern you show to our whole family.  We couldn't ask for a more wonderful teacher and 'second home' for ____ & _____.  Both kids have grown so much in so many ways in the time they've been with you.  Words can't express how grateful we are.  We love you!”

.: Parents of Preschooler & kindergartener :.

“Thank you for providing such outstanding such outstanding care for our boys over the past year.  We are so blessed that we have YOU to teach them, love them, and care for them.  We are very grateful to you and appreciate all that you do for ALL of us as a family.  Thank you!”

.: Parents of preschoolers :.


“Thank you so much for the love and care that you give to our boys every day!  It’s such a gift to us.”

.: Parents of Preschooler & toddler :.


“We can't thank you both enough for helping us out...You helped us so much.  I don't know what we would have done otherwise.  It helped me so much not to worry about the kids since I knew they were safe with you.  Thank you again.  God bless you guys--we are so fortunate to know such wonderful people!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”  

.: Parents of Preschooler & 1st grader.:


“…We want you to know that we have ALL come to love, respect, and admire you very much!  We could never have asked for a better caregiver for our children ever!   You are the best and I will always continue to recommend you.   My heart aches knowing how much—especially ___—will miss you, Jon, and Jaxen!   We hope you’ll still let us know about Parent Nights or let them come on non-school days, by chance.   We can’t thank you enough for all the love, learning, kindness, and extra special things you always did and gave our kids.   Thank you so much for all your accommodations you gave us—they were very appreciated!   We hope you will always consider us friends.   We will always pray for your family and feel blessed with our times with you!   Thank you for being a special part of our lives—especially ___: he really loves you!”

.: Parents of Preschooler & 1st grader :.


“We are so glad/grateful that we found you!   ___ has been having so much fun!    We feel so comfortable and confident that she is being very well cared for. Thanks again!”

.: Parents of Preschooler :.


“Though we can’t begin to thank you for all the things you do for our son, we want to give you this as a sign of our gratitude.   ____ (we) is so lucky to have you in his life!”

.: Parents of Preschooler :.


“This thank you comes very late and it encompasses many things we appreciate about all the things you’ve done for us and ____ over the past few years…All of the incentive gifts for ___ and your help with the potty thing has been more help than you know!   We could not have a better family watching our little DQ (drama queen).   With love and much appreciation!

.: Parents of Preschooler  :. 

“Hollee is the most loving, patient, caring, nurturing person a parent could ever want for their child when they are at work or unable to be with their child. Hollee uses love, understanding, positive reinforcement and redirection as discipline.  Hollee is so involved with her childcare business that she is always looking for ways to improve her childcare; new ideas, new toys, new activities, books, training, etc.   Hollee is not just some stay at home mom looking to earn an easy dollar, in which childcare is definitely not an easy dollar, contrary to what some people think.   Hollee is always improving herself by attending training and learning what she can about children and childcare.   Hollee goes way above and beyond the minimal hourly training requirements.  Hollee’s daycare set up is every provider’s dream.   It is very colorful and cheery.   It allows for learning, playing, resting, etc.   Basically, any child would want to be in her childcare.  Hollee is very involved with the Wright County Family Child Care Association.   Hollee is the President and the Training Coordinator for the association.   Hollee wants what is best for children and is helping other providers to get the training that they need so they can be better providers.”
.: Fellow provider & parent :.

“Hollee is dedicated to the well-being of children.  She works very hard and has gone above and beyond many providers with her level of professionalism, training, environment and philosophies.  She has phenomenal energy and focus on high-quality care not only for the children she cares for but also to enable other providers to provide the highest quality care possible.”
.: Fellow provider & parent :.

“I am writing you this letter to tell you what I know about Hollee Saville.  Hollee Saville is a highly respected childcare provider in St. Michael and Wright County.  Hollee has years of experience in working with children and always demonstrates a professional, positive attitude.  Hollee consistently shows how much she loves working with children, she is truly one of the few great providers.  If I had kids in daycare, I would not hesitate bringing my child to her.”
.: Fellow provider & parent :.

“We are going to miss you very much!  ____ has come to really feel comfortable with you and he trusts you a lot.  That will be hard to replace.  We appreciate all the great activities you do and the fun games in the gym.  It's also been so comforting to know that ____ is being cared for by someone who is not only dedicated, but who understands him well.  We wish you all the best in the future...oh, thanks too for teaching ____ so much Spanish.”

.: Parents of Kindergartener, SLP Schools :.


“We want to thank you for being a special influence in ___ & ____ lives this first year we have been involved with Peter Hobart.  We will never forget our incredible helicopter experience at your family's farm!  Thank you for giving your all to Kids' Place.  May you never lose your gift to welcome and love kids in a unique and incredible way.  The kids at your other care facility are very lucky.  We will miss you, but grateful you are staying in childcare.  Thanks for making a difference.”

.: Parents of kindergartener & toddler, SLP Schools :.


“We want to thank you for all the care and attention you have given our son.  You are wonderful and we are very sad to see you go.  You took so much of your own time to see that he succeeded not only in your classroom, but in other rooms as well.  Thank you for helping us keep our sanity and ensuring that ___ enjoys his school years.  You are a truly amazing person and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher!”

.: Parents of Kindergartener, SLP Schools :.


“I would like to thank you for all the wonderful memories you've given my son, ____.  He enjoyed you very much as his teacher/friend.  I'm grateful that God had put you in our path of life...you've touched our lives in many great ways.  After school day care will not be the same without you.  You'll be missed a whole lot.  I wish you the best in your journey in life.”

.: Mother of 5th grader, San Marcos Schools :.


“I don't know how to begin to thank you for all of your hard work with ____.  He has overcome so many obstacles thanks to your dedication, love, and patience.  He will miss you more than you know, and I doubt we'll find anyone as wonderful as you.  Thank you again for being so sweet.”

.: Parent of Preschooler, Del Mar Schools :.  


“Thank you for all the love and attention you have given ____.  Everyday we ask about his day at school, he always mentions something he did with “Miss Hollee.”   All the best and know you will be missed.  Wish you didn't have to leave.”

.: Parents of Kindergartener, SLP Schools :.


“Thank you, thank you!  You have been a blessing for ___ and we truly appreciate all you have done to help ___ be the best he can be.”

.: Parent of Preschooler, Del Mar Schools :.


“We are going to miss you.  You have been a very important person in ____'s life and a great influence.  Thank you for making pick-up and drop-offs so easy and welcoming!

.: Parents of Kindergartener, SLP Schools :.  


“Thank you so much for what you have done for ____.  A teachers' job is never fully appreciated; we appreciate you!  Thanks again, you will be missed.”

.: Parents of Kindergartener, SLP Schools :.


“It has been a real pleasure to know you...Thank you for the kind and loving care you have shown our son, ____.

.: Parents of 4th grader, SLP Schools :.


“You have been a wonderful teacher for ______ this year.  I know the past few weeks have been challenging, but your friendly smile and warm personality really helped her (and me) to get through each day.  Thank you for your patience!  We hope to see you around school next year.”

.: Parent of Preschooler, SLP Schools :.


“Thank you for being a shining light in _____'s classroom.  It always felt good to bring him to school knowing _____ would get to spend time with you.  You are wonderful, Hollee, and we wish you an abundance of joy...Thanks and tons of love from all of us.”

.: Parents of Preschooler, SLP Schools :.


“You are a wonderful teacher and it was our pleasure knowing you.  You worked with ____ so wonderfully and are a beautiful person in every way.  We owe you so much for _____ success!”

.: Parents of Preschooler, SLP Schools :.


“Hollee, the valiant steward of my son's before and after school welfare...Hollee, meanwhile, like a warm and cleansing ray of San Diego sunshine, is painting smiles on the faces of happy children.  She is using real paint, but beneath the paint, the smiles are real, too.  On any given morning, Hollee can be found leading children through explorations in creativity, revealing art to be as attainable as paper, plaster, and paint, turning colored pipe cleaners into beauty.  My son loves coming to Kids' Place...”
.: Excerpt from “Seasonal,“ by Doug Sievers, parent of 3rd grader, SLP Schools :.


“We will miss you here so much!  Thank you for being so great to our kids.  We really appreciate it.”

.: Parents of preschoolers, regular customers at Champps Minnetonka :.


“You're the best teacher ever!”

.: 5th grader, San Marcos Schools :.


“Wish you have a great time!  I will miss playing monster with you.  Thanks for playing games with us.  I love you!”

.: kindergartener, Peter Hobart Elementary :.


“Thank you for being a good teacher for me.  I really enjoyed the fun stuff you did with us.  I hope you come back to visit.”

.: 5th grader, San Marcos Schools :.


“I love you, I'll miss you!”

.: Kindergartener, SLP Schools :.


“I will miss you and thanks for being the best teacher!  I love you and hope you come back to visit our school.”

.: Preschooler, SLP Schools :.


“I love you so much!  I am going to miss you but I am excited about kindergarten.  You are the best teacher and you are so fun.  I hope we get to do art everyday like here.  I will come back to visit.”

.: Preschooler, SLP Schools :.


“I love you.  I hope you have a good time driving to your new school.  You are the best teacher. You're my friend.  Please come back to visit.”

.: Kindergartener, SLP Schools :.


“I will miss you and I love you, Hollee.  I will be sad when you're gone.  You always make me have fun at school.”

.: Kindergartener, SLP Schools :.


“Thank you for the great year at Preschool.  Thank you for playing the games with us, especially “Don't Break the Ice.”   Thank you for playing with us at school.  You are a wonderful teacher.  I love you.”

.: Preschooler, SLP Schools :.


“You've done things for our center no one has done before...I hope our next center leader is as good as you!  I'm glad you stayed for as long as you did.  Thanks for all you've done!”

.: Co-worker, San Marcos Schools :.


“I am so impressed with the service learning project you've done with the kids over the summer.  Thank you for your work...you make a difference!”

.: Director of Community Education, SLP Schools :.


“Thank you for you commitment, kindness, and caring.  Cedar Manor students have benefitted all year; the community treasured your outreach and Kids Place staff & families will feel the void.”

.: Staff & Principal Bernie Amberg, SLP Schools :.


“Just a little note to thank you for all that you do...You are the most generous person I know in terms of time, commitment, and all the wonderful gifts/projects you do. You really spoil us and I want you to know we appreciate it.”
.: Parent of preschoolers :.


“Thank you so much for being such a big part of _______'s life! You and Jon are such loving people that I couldn't imagine anyone else better! We will miss you!”
.: Parent of preschooler :.

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